Tuesday’s Specials

Today’s Soup— Tomato & White Bean with Spinach

Today’s Quiche— Bacon & Cheddar OR Spinach & Swiss

Weight Watchers — Thinly sliced ham, 1000 dressing, tomato, Swiss cheese, onion and roasted red peppers on whole wheat toast…$7.99 Only 10 Points!

Played — Tuna salad, onions, tomato and melted cheddar on grilled white bread…$7.99

French Turkey – Turkey, honey mustard, black olives, onion, artichokes and lettuce in a wrap of your choice …$7.99

Greek Tuna Salad —Chopped lettuce from the Flower Farm mixed with baby spinach leaves, black olives, feta cheese crumbles, grape tomatoes and a scoop of tuna salad with a side of oil/vinegar dressing…$8.99

Desserts – Cake Slices: Death by Chocolate OR Cannoli OR Caramel Crunch…$1.99


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