Saturday’s Specials

Today’s Soups— Seafood Chowder OR Chili

Today’s Quiche— Vegetable & Fresh Mozzarella OR Ham, Pepperoni & Pepper

Weight Watchers — Eggwhites, tomato, cheddar cheese, turkey, and onion in a grilled wrap of your choice…$6.99 Only 10 Points!

Denver Pepper —2 eggs scrambled with peppers and corned beef hash with shredded cheddar cheese and a toasted english muffin…$7.99

Showdown—Ham, 2 eggs any style, swiss cheese, hot sauce and onion on a grilled hard roll…$6.99

Easter Cakes—Two pancakes with coconut and chocolate chips with a side of ham, bacon or sausage …$6.99

SPILL THE BEANS will be closed on Sunday, April 5th and we would just like to say HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF YOU FROM ALL OF US!!


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