Weekend Specials


Today’s Soups—Chicken Pot Pie OR Tomato Tuscany with Tortellini OR\ Chili

Today’s QuicheBacon and Cheddar OR Broccoli and Swiss

Weight Watchers Egg white omelette with fresh spinach, sautéed mushrooms and provolone cheese with whole wheat toast …$7.99 Only 8 Points!

Comfort Combo – 2 eggs any style paired with our Homemade Bread Pudding and a side of bacon, ham, or sausage…$7.99

Breakfast Banana SplitBanana topped with vanilla yogurt, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, our Homemade granola and sliced almonds served with a freshly baked Morning Glory muffin .…$7.99

Tropical Fruit Crepes3 of our Homemade crepes filled with a pineapple, mandarin orange and coconut crème paired with a side of bacon, ham, or sausage …$ 7.99


Cheese Babka’s are back!!!!1 lb loaves… $8.99


Spring Cupcakes – 6 pack…$6.99


All Items Made Fresh Daily!


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