Weekend Breakfast Specials: 1/24/15-1/25/15

Today’s Soups—Tuscany Tomato with Tortellini OR Chicken Pot Pie OR Spill the Beans Chili
Today’s Quiche—Mushroom and Provolone OR Veggie with Feta OR Bacon Cheddar
Weight Watchers—2 of our homemade crepes filled with eggwhites, feta cheese crumbles, diced tomatoes and baby spinach leaves with balsamic drizzle on top…$5.99 Only 5 Points!
Scrambler—2 eggs scrambled with crispy bacon, broccoli and onions with cheese on a grilled and buttered croissant paired with a side of homefries…$7.49
Copy Cakes—A short stack of our homemade pancakes filled with our homemade granola and strawberries then drizzled with white chocolate sauce…$5.99
Cheeseburger Omelette—A jumbo omelette stuffed with ground beef, sautéed peppers, sautéed onions and cheddar cheese paired with a side of homefries and your choice of toast…$8.99
Today’s Dessert—NEW SCONES! Death by Chocolate OR Red Velvet STUFFED with cream cheese…$2.50
All Items Made Fresh Daily!


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