Weekend Breakfast Specials: 9/27/14-9/28/14

Today’s Soup—Spill the Beans Chili OR Tuscany Tomato with Tortellini

Today’s Quiche—Spinach and Swiss OR Cobb Quiche

Weight Watchers— Eggwhite scramble with veggies and Swiss paired with a grilled morning glory muffin…$ 6.99 Only 8 Points!

Autumn Cakes—2 pumpkin pancakes with white chocolate chips drizzled with caramel sauce then paired with a side of ham, bacon or sausage…$6.99

Piping Panini—2 eggs, sriracha hot sauce, provolone cheese, ham and caramelized onions on our own grilled Focaccia paired with a side of homefries…$6.50

Out West Omelette—A jumbo omelette filled with crispy bacon, peppers, cheddar cheese, onions and salsa paired with a side of homefries and our homemade grilled cornbread…$8.99

Fall Crepes—3 of our homemade pumpkin crepes filled with sliced apples, cinnamon sugar and sweetened cream cheese…$6.99

Today’s Dessert—Death by Chocolate Cupcakes…$1.99

All Items Made Fresh Daily!



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